Automatic Tipping Machine


EC-101A+M is special design used for making shoelace tipping "melting tip" & garment string tip "melting tip".
It no need used celluloid acetate film no ingredients contains banned phthalates(plasticizer)
(The finished products provide 100% safety or health)
Machine attached with "extra" heating element for melting shoelace when the braid into tipping mold,the melting time can be adjusted.
EC-101A+M machine also can used to make working normal shoelace as same as EC-101A to used acetate film tipping.
Machine running speed about 6~15pcs/per min,but it depend on braid material and size.
The machine used for synthetic material braid only.
The melting tip make to round or square shape,and tip head size {5mm~20mm length} can be choice by customer.


Semi-Automatic Shoelace Tipping Machine

EC-102 Is used manpower to feed braid into machine,
the tipping lngh no limitation.
The machine used acetate film matrial to cover braid,
rop and tipping to mak sholace tip or garment
string tip.

Th mold cutter with temperatures setting to make
tipping film (acetate film) more durability.
The acetone liquid are auto-feeding for every tipping
which of volume can be adjusted to provide good quality.