Furniture Webbing


       Furniture Webbing is used mainly in the furniture industry. It is used as support in the seat and back areas of sofas. Furniture Webbing is made from rubber threads and polypropylene yarn and comes in the different widths and elongation to meet customer requirements.

       The advantages of webbing over springs are in terms of costs and ease of installation. The stretch or elongation aspects of our webbing range from around 10% to 100% and the widths available are up to 120mm for back areas of sofas, higher elongation webbing are used( from 90& to 100%)while for seat areas, the lower stretch webbing( from 10% to 80%) are used. The trend is towards wider width webbing( from 60mm to 80mm)instead of the 50mm.This is mainly due to seating comfort and wider widths mean lesser material used.









Meat Netting


      Meat netting is used for the meat and poultry packaging business.It is used in the packing of meat before cooking , to maintain it's shape for better presentation and hygienic handling.