Make full-automatically Portable rope-Plastic hook Machine


EC-201,special designs for short length of
shoelace & ropes in computerized tipping
system. All functions of feeding,stopping,
tipping, cutting & counting are in one

Products: Hand Carry Ropes,
Short Shoelaces and Elastic Ornaments...
Power & Heat: 1HP / 400 W
Machine Size: 230 x 120 x 165 cm


Automatic Shoelace Waxing Machine


EC-701 has a break-through design in shining,drying,softn and waxing shoelace.All function of heating,winding,waxing & production and be controlled individually.With not only eye-catching and space saving design, EC-701 also includes following features.


Winder Blowing Heater
EC-701 equipped 2 fans with heater,which helps to blow-dry shoelaces.
much more efficiently and thoroughly, Also it can avoid the shoelace.
by touching the heater in a single side and making shoelaces harder or not dry enough.

 Automatic Heating Controller
The heating temperature is monitored and controlled by manual setting to avoid the chance of over heat.
  New Double Waxing Brushes
EC-701 adapts double waxing brushes to double shin the shoelace.